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Our Services

Yards With Stripes (YWS) provides full service property maintenance in Clarksville TN and Oak Grove KY

Lawn Service

Our standard lawn service includes mowing, weed eating, edging, and blowing. Additionally, we keep weeds off of hard surfaces and out of flower beds. On each service we spend about 10-15 minutes as needed trimming bushes and uplimbing trees.

Removing a storm damaged tree from a customer's roof using a bucket truck

Tree Removal

A tree that is damaged from a storm, diseased, or dead can be a safety issue. Whether a tree is still standing or already on the ground, we provide cleanup from root to tip, hauling away the debris.

YWS sells Firewood


If you need firewood for a fire pit or stocking up for winter, we offer a supply of firewood. Each tote holds a face cord that can be delivered and stacked for your convenience.

Yards With Stripes (YWS) offers property clean up services in Clarksville TN and Oak grove KY

Property Clean Up

Some properties have overgrown to the point we need to schedule a more focused visit to clear fence lines, clear underbrush, or just do general property clean up. This can include hauling off old sheds, gardens, rocks, and other debris around the property.

Yards With Stripes (YWS) bush trimming and bush removal in clarksville TN

Bush/Tree Care

Some people just need bush/tree trimming or have a large amount of bushes/trees that need special attention. This service is primarily for home owners that enjoy cutting their own grass, but need a helping hand with the rest of the property.

Yards With Stripes (YWS) provides curbside leaf clean ups and full property leaf removals in Clarksville TN

Leaf Clean Up

Keeping leaves off of the grass is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Too many built up leaves will deprive grass of much needed sun light. Built up leaves along wood fences also hold moisture which can lead to faster rot.

Yards With Stripes (YWS) gutter cleaning in clarksville TN

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters overflowing with leaves? Gutters that are full of debris can prevent water from draining properly. This can cause water damage that may not be noticeable from the outside. Let us help you keep them flowing as intended.

Yards With Stripes (YWS) hangs Christmas Lights in Clarksville, Portland and Nashville TN

Christmas Lights

We use commercial grade lighting, wreaths, and garland to give your property that special Christmas feel. We install, maintain, take down, and store the decorations; providing a no-worry decorating experience!

Landscape Projects

There are many reasons to start a landscaping project: buying a new property, considering a new design, or just freshening up your property. Mulch breaks down over time, borders become dilapidated, and erosion causes damage. A nice landscape makes a great impression!